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The tears that I hid

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Name:Asagami Fujino
Birthdate:May 20
Location:Mifune City, Japan

Name: Asagami Fujino
Birthdate: May 20
Age: 17

Fujino’s weapon form is a zweihander, and while it may seem to boast something great, it’s actually a glass cannon-type of sorts, which also reflects her personality. Handling her is no problem, as she’s usually light. which makes her easy to carry and her physical weapon strength is above average. However, if her Meister scares her too much and/or gives her enough reason for distrust, then she becomes heavy enough to have to be wielded by two hands and the strength is downgraded, but it also allows for the Meister to be able to tap in the power to use the Mystic Eyes of Distortion*-- basically a form of telekinesis which renders any target that’s in their line of sight to be twisted up. Although, in this case, all they need to do is just take a swing and/or land a hit onto an enemy in order for it to activate.

*Note: For all intents and purposes, that ability will be nerfed to half the damage it usually causes, since having it at full power would make missions too easy.

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